How to remove soy wax from your burner

There are many ways to get our used wax out of burners, but we're here to tell you using cutlery is NOT one of them!🍴 Bin the knives and spoons as these will damage your burner, scratching the dish and maybe even breaking it!

Sometimes you won't see the crack to the naked eye, this is called a "hairline crack" and can be extremely dangerous and even cause fires when unnoticed.

Here are a few safer ways to remove wax:

Method 1...

Pop a tealight in your burner, wait 30 seconds until the wax has gone a little soft underneath, blow the tealight out and push the wax, it will just pop out in one piece!

Method 2...

Melt the wax completely, blow the tealight out and grab a few cotton wool pieces or tissue. Put them in the burner dish and let them soak up the wax. Once done pop the cotton wool/tissue in the bin.

Remember to wipe your burner clean every time and you're ready to melt again & always check for cracks!

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